Update on my Contributions, Thoughts and Feelings

Hello, everyone. It has been a while since I posted and I thought I
post some new material
here. Please note that the disclaimer is still the same and that everything I say may be hard for you all to read, so take your time. I constantly kept editing this and changing this before I decided to post this on the web for all to see. I have written this after facing several problems in which I had to fight on my own and with the aid of allies.
First of all, I would like to start by saying that over the last few years when I became more sociable I seemed to have no luck than I had hoped for. I was hoping the recent opportunities at the school for the blind would help, but since then things were going up and down like a roller coaster. I had to leave the blind community because they got too involved in areas that didn’t interest me as much as I thought it did. You see, when I was little I would be trained to use technology that would help me get the information I needed for learning. But I had the ability and skills to learn things quickly and to experiment with object manipulation and organisation. It was this that everyone of my teachers expected that I pursue a career devoted to information and computer technology. But one thing that was never clear was my big interest in science. It wasn’t the fact that I was interested in chemistry or physics or astronomy and things like that, but it was the fact that I wanted to see hands-on explanations on how and why things happened the way they did. So, I ended up shifting careers as well. Towards the day that I would graduate in 2012, I was taking Anatomy and Physiology because I thought it would be neat to learn the human body. But little did I know that it would have a huge impact on my career decision. When I started approaching blind people in the community, I discovered that many fell into a stereotype that involved learning all they can about web-designing, computer-programming, making websites accessible, audio-editing and criticising others because of bad quality even though that person isn’t trained to recognise those differences, and they run radio shows on the internet, and they also have their own vocal and non-vocal habits. I tried to conform into these characteristics but soon got so overwhelmed with how techie they got over complicated operating systems and stuff like such that I had to drop back, but everyone expected me to know what they were getting at and fast. And just like with the rest of the mainstream, they are into popular culture while I am into art culture. I find the fact that a lot of blind people only wish to be able to see so that they can drive. To me, driving is the least of my concerns because it is very boring and primitive as opposed to boating, submarining, flying, going into space, etc. Those other things are a lot more sensational while the act of steering a machine across a maze is a lot of work but very sensationless, although not visually since you will be able to see what is around you as opposed to what you will feel. That is why I never say that I want to see because I want to drive. I give other reasons that are far more important than just the obvious.
I also have a problem with disability-related agencies and organisations that want you to transition with big steps. And as professionals they get impatient because they want to get results from you and fast. Impatience is wrong. They think that you are on the same page as they are, and for a moment that does not come to you until you start to think hard. Then you realise that you are being rushed and pressured rather than taking it easy. They are afraid that if you wait too long, you will eventually lose interest in your transition and get distracted or procrastinate too much that you will hardly reach your ultimate goal, whether it is going out of high school to college or going to the work force. If you take too much of a big step before you are ready, you will most likely fail. So I take small baby steps by being strategic, making a time-line, etc and motivating myself to stick to those guidelines. Some people are advanced than others and they can afford to take bigger steps. And this works with any kind of transition really. For example, in LGBTQIA, the community I recently joined, many people want to take big steps. But I believe that a successful transition requires baby steps.
So, that is why I am no longer going to go to places that say they are inclusive but really they are not. They want you to believe in their philosophy right away. I will still be allies with the blind community, but I will NOT identify as one of them because I have other things that are important. That is why it is very hard to persuade a blind person from the blind community, or any other person from a disability-related community that if there was a cure for that disability, how likely would they go for it? The reason they say no is not because they say that this is who they are. That is just a cover-up so that they can distract that person from asking that question again. But the real reason is that it is because they will lose that place in the community. They are afraid that if they acquired that ability they would find other things that interest them and they would abandon the community. Religion also plays a major role in this as well. Every form of human evolution has some sort of superstition, belief, custom and tradition. This comes from deep within the roots of language development. They don’t want to lose the privileges they had as a disabled person in that group.
I really feel that those schools I went to should have provided more than the obvious and I will be going back to change somebody’s life. It just seems queer how they are fully unaware of the social issues even though they are right underneath their nose. Yes, there are awarenesses on bullying, but that’s for elementary and middle-school people. But when you’re adults, you are the one in charge of everything and not enough is being done to raise more awareness about it, not even at places where they encourage you to socialise. But here’s the problem. Because of the fact that I was not knowledgeable about my hearing loss or how I could hide it because I was so self-conscious about people looking at my hearing devices, I learned there were ways of hiding it. And even then, I didn’t know why it was that I didn’t like wearing my aids when I was little. It was because it was too bulky and because it exposed me and added a sign that said, “A blind and deaf guy is here”. It’s okay about blindness because your cane tells you that and there is no problem with language when you are blind, although I did hear that just like with any culture, there are some linguistic trends and habits among blind people. But when your hearing weakens, it makes a huge impact on one’s language skills for those of us who are pre-lingual. But those who are post-lingual like me will have to adjust. Also, I can’t stand the fact of having someone speak up to me and sounding annoyed because of it, even though they are not trying to sound mad intentionally. But the thing is I’m more with emotions than with logic. I love Western Art music. It’s part of the Mozart Effect I’ve experienced. Because of this, I sheltered myself in a place where I could only escape with by reading children’s books, young-adult and full-adult novels, all realistic and fictitious. I could virtually experience just about any environment I could imagine and gain real experiences that made it seem as if I was the one who experienced them, not the characters. This is why, and because I constantly research that I am so wise. And sometimes I wonder to myself, does being so intelligent play a role in identity issues? It is because your developed personality, tastes and preferences do not match the required expectations based on what and how you should behave. So I now know to be true to myself. Sometimes I feel like I need to correct others even though I see it as helping, not criticising or attacking. They just feel like they can’t compete with me so they need to hide it by putting a shield around themselves. I know some people who have been sheltered against their own will and because of this they are afraid to get out and socialise. The reason for why we are sometimes sheltered or we shelter  ourselves is due to fear of self-imposing or losing something. If say,  perhaps, we sheltered ourselves from doing something, it is because  things do not appeal to us and it takes us a while to find it. This  prevents our ability of building foundations to create a self-confidence power  within our own being so that we can succeed in life. We will obtain very  little of self-related powers, and we will develop other-related powers.  We are now afraid that if we do something wrong, we will fail and we may feel guilty about it. We avoid  from taking risks because we are afraid our lives will end short. With  disabilities, this can also be seen, as well as how much knowledge we and our  families possess, and what kind of cultures we originated from, etc. If our family shelter us since postnatal development,  we will develop too much other-related powers and zero self-related  powers. Our family is afraid that if we fail, it will be their fault.  They feel responsible because of their overprotection. If we want  something, they will not understand our desires. They prevent us from  being ourselves. We are afraid to fight back because we lack this self- related power. We need allies to support us so that we can be set free.  It should be noted that it will be very difficult for us the longer we  wait to develop these self-related traits. If this continues, we are far  more likely to be depressed, to lose hope of ever succeeding, and  certain areas of our brains will fail to receive the development it  should have received. Sometimes, we shelter ourselves without even knowing it.  Our subconscious mind protects us at times, such as when traumatic events  occur. We are afraid that if we stay out of it, we will be safe. So, as  you can see, too much selfishness and too much selflessness do not  go together. We need to move back into the middle. That is why I am  hoping that we can speed up the process of developing self-related power  by stimulating the areas ofthe brain and perhaps by regrowing undeveloped  structures. If you always get what you want you are a spoiled brat. You  are more likely to be satisfied with life’s contents and you will be  selfish and greedy, but at the same time you may not be able to totally  be self-confident. These kinds of people are more likely to be nerds of  some sort. The human system can never be finely tuned into just intonation like a piano. Only  robots can be made perfect. But what if we found a way to make  transhumans perfect and still make them humans? Not at all like  posthuman cyborgs. Part of this refers to the rope theory, in which how much or how little tension you give on your children whilst raising them. If we are  given total freedom since postnatal development, we are more likely to  develop odd personalities. If we are totally confined we would turn bitter and cold or we may lose hope. But if the tension is right, then it is up to you to develop your personality. We are all tempered in many ways. Can either  sheltering yourself or being sheltered against your own will make a  person open or close-minded? It has just occurred to me that humans can never be justly tuned, but we can be tuned to equal temperament. Right now, humans are tuned to all sorts of temperaments and this is the reason why we cannot get along with each other. But if we equally-tune humans, we would be more understanding than we were before, and it is the closest to being perfect. This is not junk science.
Due to the way that we become sheltered, we are afraid that we will say the wrong things at the wrong time while we socialise with our fellow peers and mess up the conversation, which make us look like we are making a fool of ourselves. Someone once suggested for me to take some autism spectrum and Asperger tests and I scored in the neurotypical category because I share very little tendencies that were most likely attained through nurture’s doing, not nature’s. This includes, strong focused interests and obsessions, excellent smell, taste and touch, seeing the world differently, remembering things others would not, see patterns that others do not see, and our ability to understand others because of our open-mindedness. We also feel we need to express and judge things and people publicly regardless of what others say and not making fun of that person at the same time. It can be bad in some ways because it makes society see us as weirdos as I will explain below. It is hard for us to socialise and to find a partner we like. For me it is easy for others to understand that because of my hearing loss, everything sounds like mumbling to me because certain sounds are digitally-processed rather than acoustically received. Also, I do not get why some people with these kinds of mental illnesses cannot describe things in great detail. I find mental and chronological age very fascinating and I would like to do some research in that field.
People are constantly rushing me to get this done and do this and that so that they can see results fast about what I do. They want to see everyone’s self-confidence and esteem boost up. But I just learned that I am more comfortable with other confidence and other esteem. I believe that if I had real friends, I could do all the things I wanted to do and if I failed, I would have a way to share the pain rather than keep it inside. I am always showing off my skills and abilities because it shows that I am wanting others to appreciate what I do rather than be fully self-confident. I want to go at my own pace and to be able to make decisions without having to be forced to by others. They say I am self-motivative, and it’s true. Because of this I endeavour to make a difference. They just didn’t see the real me back in the past because I didn’t know how to broach the matter. I needed to understand it first. I now know how and I will find a way to pay them back by changing the world.
We should not judge others based on outward appearances. We don’t’ judge disabilities and emotional states as one’s capabilities and incapabilities but instead we only see it and we make assumptions without knowing them. This is cultural conflict. But up to this day, I learned to put up with these. I vowed to myself that I will some day be able to use science to fix those who are frenemies and those who are naturally arrogant. I can also use science to fix economic and political issues as well. I’m getting a little tired of it all. I just wish people would be friends without the temper tantrums, the anger, the bad mouthing, the using, etc. I have been feeling kind of distressed over the last few weeks. I want more out of life than the constant haranguing of people who say that they think we are the cause of the drama, etc. I’m so tired of people like such throwing their little temper tantrums and people who should be adults but are acting like little kids in adults’ bodies! It’s weird because what makes them angry in the first place? Children get angry when they are unable to really express their desires, because their diction fails them or because they are afraid that if they say what they want they will be put down. If this happens in adults, it is very similar because they have more vocabulary and they are better at language. It is also because they are constantly arguing, everyone wants you to understand them now, and if you cannot, they will just get so frustrated because they failed to get the point across to you. They lack the patience to explain or to think about how to put it in a way that others would understand, including you. What makes a person lose their patience in the first place? Those chemicals our pituitary glands sends us? Those feelings we feel when something is wrong, or something of that sort? I’m tired of it! Sometimes I feel like I just want to be done with the whole mess. I feel like turning off anything that involves social media and just turning on something generation V, W or X would appreciate or doing something else. All the stress on top of what I’m trying to do is giving me anxiety and chest pains. I simply can’t handle any more. Nobody gets the fact that I am doing my best not to be involved with the crap and they keep insisting that I get pulled into the problems and expect me to solve it. Well, how can I solve a problem if all they care is about themselves, and how can I solve it if no one gives me the story from the beginning to the end without arguing whether it was accurate or not? I tell you, testosterone has gotten too high with all that crappy music we listen to. We have to listen to Western art music to release that serotonin. Why, I heard somewhere that some people are trying to learn how to get high without using drugs to see what it is about those chemicals that makes us want to cause trouble. It could help us find antidotes to these drugs. I only solve problems if they are willing to obey and be nice in return. I don’t even want to any more. I want good friends who won’t keep raising the golden bar ever higher and just beyond my reach. I apologise to any of you out there if any of this raving hurt you in any way, but I couldn’t hold it back any longer and just had to let it pour out. It’s also upsetting and I could use a lot of major prayer. I keep thinking I’m doing the adult thing and nothing is the right adult thing to do. I especially think it is a pain when people conform all the time that the subconscious mind absorbs it so much that you literally hard-wire your brain, your pituitary gland, and many other things. I lack serotonin and right now I am feeling very emotional. Blind people have problems getting Vitamin D because those with little to no light perception tend to get their sleeping schedules messed up, and we stay up until the wee hours of the morning.
First, I have a hug for everyone who reads this. Second, I have something to share. I want to encourage you all to not dismiss Birthdays and holidays as “just another day”. Instead, they are opportunities to make more special memories. It’s a symbol of love, happiness and hope. Why do I celebrate my Birthday? I use it for another reason to have a fun day and make special memories. I want to encourage you all to not forget your traditions with your families. Life is so precious and we don’t know how long we have with each other. Transhumanism will some day have us living for eternity, if we don’t overpopulate the world. So, use these times like Christmas to bond. If you don’t have a good family, then you can come to ours or build your own family of people who care for you and for whom you care the most. I think the more the world desensitises to socialising together, the more people will go down hill and you may have more violence, etc. That’s why I use history to learn why, why did we get here in the first place? Why are we limiting our freedom of speech to using more sensitive words? It is because of developments in counter-culture and language. That’s why. It just seems to me that this world has gotten colder with each passing year and we need to reach out and care again. Our world has always had imperfections and flaws ever since the Native-Americans and Europeans clashed and we became colonised.  Those who can’t fit in will have to find ways to adjust and to build groups again. Even the post human community wants to turn humans into robots by shutting off our limbic systems and to work in places where everything is like a machine, even though I am a supporter of H+. I want to use natural alternatives to solve problems in medicine and keep from implanting artificial objects into our bodies. Just live, laugh, love together and have fun. Those who don’t want to… Well, it’s too bad for them. All we can do is assimilate and brainwash them. Have a great day everyone and I hope something neat happens for you all today or this weekend.
Sometimes we have to make  the unfortunate choices if people are being costly or you just can’t
get along with each other, then you have to part ways, at least for a time until one or both parties do some growing. it may be that you both will never come back again, but if you stay on the positive path and do good for others and or build other up as well as building yourself up, then it will be seen by all people around you. You have to do what’s healthy for you. Some people choose not to be loved or loveable which is too bad. The best we can do for them is pray and allow God to take care of them.
I just want to say  to any of you young people out there or to anyone starting over in life again, do not listen to  anyone who says that you are trying too hard. Do not be peer-pressured to changing your ways just to fit into cultures of arrogance, exclusiveness, etc. That is the worst thing you can do. Had I not listened, I would have been successful a lot earlier in life. When people tell you that you are trying too hard, they are  just jealous and they do not want to try hard enough because they are contented with themselves. They just want to attract others and continue growing their groups so that they have better forces to fight with. It’s human nature. They lack self-motivation and inspiration. They will feel better if you can fail with them. They want you to be like them. They expect you to be like them which is not going to happen. It is a subconscious thing. Sometimes we are thrust into these communities against our own will. We have a choice over which cultures we identify with and some we have no choice over which we cannot identify with. So I say to any of you, go ahead and try your hardest. Try  your best. Do not force yourself to be friends with people where you have to try so hard just  to fit in and meet their high standards. Blind and sighted people are good at doing that to each other because for the blind they have a community. They want newcomers to immediately know their beliefs and customs, which is not acceptable. Only pick people who like you for who you are and  are not going to be hypercritical of you. In a sentence, try hard to achieve your desired career in life while picking only real friends. Do not be afraid of your “friends” either. If you have to be afraid  of someone, then they are not your friends. They are more like acquaintances or associates. Friends encourage and build one another up and if that is not happening for you, find people  who will do that for you and with you. Become an encourager yourself. Real friends do not
gossip about each other either. They share things. It’s common for women to do this more than men. I have seen a lot of stuff on the social-media sites and a lot of  the younger people are busy being hurt and hurting one another. I had to step away and still am stepping away to regroup. I wish that when I was a teenager and college age, someone would have told me these things I am sharing now. I have been just doing a lot of thinking and re-evaluating for myself is all. It applies to adults at any age too. Be a real friend and  eventually, you will have real friends. Because of all that has happened, I am forced to regroup, to restart my life and to live as the person I should have been from the beginning. I am who I am now because I learned from my own attitudes and responses to Western society’s expectations, and I am constantly compelled to do things that are against my beliefs and abilities. If I tried to conform and to pretend to be selfish and be a full conformist, it would be like forcing my brain to do something that it is not used to doing. The good news is that our brains and genes are very flexible, just like our bodies. That is why the mind is so infinite.
I think you might agree that the human race is primarily built of people with self characteristics and traits. These kinds of people are very successful in leading, following leaders, and persuading others to join them. They like to manipulate other people and change their beliefs gradually. What about those who are not in the primary build of human race? Those who have been separated from such groups will develop other characteristics and traits. These people are more likely to fail and may be successful if they are motivated by themselves or by their friends who have things in common. These people are followers and are rarely leaders. They are open-minded and are often involved in fights with those who are selfish. It is as if the people are black and white. They do not go together. To make things clear, races are never black and white. It is always light or dark ROY, according to the human colour wheel.
One of the things I often get worried about is when friends who I truly care about and who I help whenever they ask for it go back on me by giving me the silent treatment. They should know that they should not feel bad about coming to me with their problems and that I am the kind of sweet, caring person who doesn’t hold grudges against anyone. If they need time off and a quiet place to be with themselves, I understand greatly. Often when I am nice to people I am taken advantage of, and then I have to snap at them because they simply ask too much of me. It’s a reflex. There are some people who are trained to take in all the blows and still be calm about it. I am still working hard on that, but the pain, the pain inside is so unbearable and I am currently attending mental health support groups, going to sensory deprivation tanks, going to brain wave entrainments, and hopefully one day I can be hypnotised and I can forget all this. I’ve been doing my best to describe what depression is like to someone who has never experienced it, and I believe I have the right description. The sensations experienced happen in your head, and you feel tension in your chest and stomach due to muscles constantly being constricted. You use language to ponder over the events that caused it. That’s my goal about using sensation experience. Language is the second to strongest, sensation is the strongest. That’s how we are human. We use these two to perceive information and to know how to respond. I have been fascinated with the transmission of sensation because I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to experience mental problems like autism, cerebral dysfunctions, seizures and epilepsy etc, and also use it to learn how to see and hear well, or in other words, simulate abilities to people who are disabled and to simulate disabilities to people who are normal. Also, is it possible for a willing participant to voluntarily go insane, or will there need to be some kind of a brain manipulative technique such as gene modification to make insanity occur? But for this to happen, we need support from those who support modern medicine in the H+ community.
In regards to money… I am still trying to understand the current government shut-down and trying to see why the others occurred. It is important that omniscient people learn about politics and what makes a person a politician in the first place. I’m sick and tired about what happened with the government. In the revolution, I was proposing a new form of payment. But it will require everyone to earn credit that they can use. And the way they can earn credit is through education, volunteering, etc. Imagine if everything was pre-paid, with the exception of property. That will require some other form of ownership. If people had pre-paid services, we would not owe anything because we would be paying for what we are going to use rather than what we have already used. I believe that the more pre-paid services there are, the more people would be willing to pay. Someone said for me to tell that to Rome because of their history of civic virtue they had a long time ago. Their government collapsed because something went wrong. They forced people to be selfless. Now we are making it an incentive, not a requirement. Money is like water that you have to treat. Credits and debits are different. That’s what I heard somewhere in a Sci-Fi novel. Money and religion have been around since antiquity and has always been a form of social reconstructionism. Today, we are capitalists because we are primarily selfish and we manipulate other people with money just so we can make a better profit. That is all according to John Locke’s philosophy. With credits and debits, this will not be necessary and everyone will have a positive experience.
I have a hard time not getting all wound up about what I think are injustices. I  cannot support any agency that says one thing and goes back on their word. I do not like how   the disabled and enabled agencies start out user-friendly and then over the years get sterile. I have seen  it happen to now several places that I deeply loved and supported (loved and supported being definitely  pass tense.) I cannot support agencies and or organisations who change from user friendly to  ruling among themselves, not others with policy, procedure, and having image first rather than  how they started which was people first. People just wanted to create a philosophy for their  organisation and then they just forget about it as they turn into selfish humans. They can say  the words that they are there for the people to defend themselves against any accusations but they are not. One is out for image and money,  and I do not know what the other one is doing, probably turning people into selfish leaders, we need a place that believes in us and we can  truly believe in. That is why I brought up the new payment system I spoke of. I want to get  involved with organisations that do not live in fear of being sued or whatever. They are afraid  of the harshness of legality that there are ways to force organisations and agencies to change  because people fight all the time and many laws have become so strict and cold. No one has  dared to rebel and challenge such laws because everyone in politics and economics come from  different sides. I want to be with agencies that say they are truly consumer-driven and really  mean it. If they cannot stick up with that, it should be driven by people who care, people who  have personally shared painful experiences. They should not be shared by people who were  previously leaders in their communities or were full conformists in any given high-standard  culture. If women ruled the world, there would be no war, just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other. I want everyone to remember this. When someone tells you that policy is  good for the organisation and or agency and that it sets it free based on staff-feedback, that  means it is not and I mean not good for the people who are wanting services. We need to set  policies that are based on the consumers, volunteers, staff, and any other position. They should  not be set by just one superior position. I am just tired of seeing this happen and I do not  want to watch things like that any more. I am tired of believing in something that seems friendly, nice and like a family turn cold administratively. I have seen it several times here.  I am older and I am going to put my foot down and not show up to agencies and or organisations  who are supposed to be there to welcome the people they target like me in a people-friendly environment and instead welcome with coldness and rules. I say no and no is what I mean. If I  get involved again in volunteering for another agency and or organisation, I want and need it  to stay people-friendly-oriented and not staff and policy-oriented with moving toward more   procedure and computer driven ways as they hide behind all these rules for whatever reason.  This is why we have to stop being so manipulative to customers because we would be losing them  rather than gaining them. This is not just for agencies and organisations, but to companies  that serve everybody. Rules and policy are fine if it is not over done and hurting the very  people the organisations and or agencies are trying to serve. In the 1970’s there was a lot  more freedom and that needs to come back. Question then is, why? Why did it change? What made  the 1970’s different? If we know the causes we can put an end to it and to the effects it has  made. People were people back then: they were not people turned robots due to policy and  computer. I worry that posthumanism is about robots. I support transhumanism, not posthumanism. Transhumanism is the leading road towards this and I want to prevent it from getting there. I believe the two are very different. Transhumanism is about turning humans into humans with  enhanced bodies using natural alternatives. Posthumanism is about turning humans into cyborgs  with enhanced bodies with implanted materials. Rant over. It is time to bring back more freedom  and genuine love for others where we treat one another like friends and family needs to return  to the people-oriented agencies, companies and organisations. There are disability agencies right now that do not allow their employees to be friends with and have parties with those of  us coming for services or volunteering. and, I think the work place should not dictate who you can and cannot be friends with, for example. All of this stuff is fear-based and I am  determined to find ways to still live in freedom. One of the things I learned was that if you were to be a doctor, you should avoid being personally involved with your patience so that in case they died, you would have little emotions towards them. It is an act of pure professionalism here. People are just too afraid to stand up and go  against the rules. I know several people who have, and they lost their jobs because of it. But the agency had to pay back by facing a law suit. I just want to say, be yourself. If you are  going to start an organisation, an agency, or company, just follow this advice and you will  really be successful.
I believe some day criminals will have a new sentence. Instead of life in prison or death penalty, a total brain wipe can erase their entire memories, and then use gene modification techniques to balance out their hormones. Question then becomes, would it be necessary for them to have a police record if they don’t remember a single thing? And, if they re-learned everything, would they still have instinctive feelings, cravings, etc of wanting to cause evil? I know, a lot of the stuff in H+is wild, but I strive to making them beneficial and safe for everyone. Why, some day we might replace benefit, credit cards and any form of legal access with a fingerprint. Just look at where we are now. Some day we’ll be able to eat animal meat without having to kill the animal. Vegetarians and vegans will be excited because most of them feel it is immoral and unethical to eat their friends. Well guess what? This will help solve food crises in the future. The problem with this is that the reason we are eating more artificial things and moving away from the beauty of natural stuff is due to government policies based on sound science, saying that we need to preserve things longer with chemicals and such. Farmers would be making less money here in this country and this would make future workers face harsh conditions in the future, especially for foreigners. Would it be fair to say that these chemicals add or remove taste from the food? I would like to see if there are ways of overcoming such issues. I  totally believe far safer and superior medical practices will emerge and  anyone who has had to deal with cancer or some other medical condition attained later in life, if not acquired at birth would wholeheartedly endorse a  more effective therapy than chemo if it exists, which we are always hoping there will be. The leading causes of  lethal and other life-altering circumstances however, occur due to preventive diseases like diabetes and  cardiovascular illnesses that would die off if people essentially ate  healthy food and lived active lifestyles. Several eye, mouth, and skin  conditions can be dealt with by taking vitamin supplements for those not  present in their diet and observing hygiene regiments. These do not save  you from surgery but it prepares your body to better combat and heal  from sudden trauma and creates a hostile environment for parasites and  several types of cancers. It will also make it so that patients seeking surgeries for cosmetic purposes can heal faster and we will prolong the look of being young. I am still trying to do research on how genetic instructional makeup determines how much fatty tissue should be distributed and see if being over-weight plays a role with this and with the kind of life styles we have today.
I have been attending a peer education programme in my local area to educate myself about anthropology and, I am using hard and soft science and art techniques to address lots of issues we face in Western and Eastern world, as well as use history to learn how and why we got here in the first place and why it it is that we are here now.
I hope some day I can regroup and be more successful. No one gave me room to breathe so I could really discover my personality. Everyone wanted me to do this and that, and at first I went with the flow. But then, because of the kindest people who are usually mistreated, I had to think hard. Why me? Because I was different? The fact that I’m different shocked me, but I learned to accept it and to be comfortable in finding it. I believe that my being who I am was 20% nature’s doing and 80% nurture’s doing. All I can do now is put my old life behind me and move on, for better or for worse, I am happy now that I am out. I now have opinions of my own, whereas when I was younger I really didn’t. I only use my coming out as a weapon and in cases where I feel like I am threatened; I just tell them the real truth about me and hope that they will back off. I will only be friends with those who will love me for who I am. I do hope that H+ will find a way for people like us to transition a lot more quickly and with total advantages than we have now. I will say this though. I am androgynous, prefer non-specific pronouns and titles, and will be so for about ten years or until H+ has come out with the technology to make it happen.
If you don’t have anything nice to say, then refrain from saying anything at all. If you have a criticism to make, use passive and assertive communication. I do not like it when people use aggressive communications in such circumstances like this. All I’m trying to do is be the person who wants to live their life. I won’t have people like such turn me down and hurt me. It’s not healthy. I have a voice and I can defend myself with allies to support me. I may be soft-spoken where I rarely yell and shout. I may be quiet, but so what? That doesn’t mean I am incapable of talking. It just reflects who I am. My final words of advice? Don’t think you are alone in being the one to experience the inner pain. Sometimes when you least expect it there is someone out there who will share their pain with you. Both of you should encourage each other to lift up and to unite to make an unbreakable bond, to reassemble so you can have forces to fight back with. This is known as a unity or a cohort.