Musings and Personal Experiences of Cultural, Relationship and Social Issues

Well, it’s about time I posted, so I thought I would give some update on some of my outreach efforts I have been conducting. I was recently involved in a relationship conflict that was long-distant and had different cultural identities, gender being one of them. I am not from Mars. I am not from Venus, yet I have  full awarenesses of the two because I am from EARTH, for that is where we are all born. I must  admit that I tend to lean more on Venus than earth. I feel that as humans we need to categorise in so many ways just to find others to relate to our own kind. That is why culture exist. It is not necessarily based on geographical ancestry and ethnicity, but there are cultures devoted to how our brains are wired to do things we do, whether that would be because of nature or nurture, like science culture.
It is important for people to realise that it is okay to believe in whatever they want and they can express their opinions about what they do as long as it is in a positive way. Some people feel they are not decided into their religion but they  believe in symbolical representation and we do not go around preaching our views on things based  on how we identify. Some ways you can fully identify with an active, dying, or dead culture,  majority or minority-wise, born-=based or not is how much it interests you or how much of it you  are taught while you are being raised, which is based on the things you like in general or what  you are forced to do, which is determined by your and your family past, whether that would be  genetic or acquisition. Remember that genes are things that we instinctively feel and thoughts  and language are learned. Sometimes the way our brain is wired from birth based on the autism  spectrum and Asperger syndrome models people can fall into these extremes. There is little we can  do at this time and even though they are open-minded they do not like it when other people try to  lure them out of their traditions. Also, we must understand the terms clans, migration,  emigration, immigration, etc and see how difficult it can be for a lot of us based on these  characteristics. However, in a lot of Eastern cultures and Western Native-American culture, etc can be hard to learn because many of their foundations were  set thousands of years ago, are ignorant about the advances in technology, about the current  issues we have in Western society and they do not know how to deal with people who have life-long  conditions. However, I feel that people are condemning themselves to being slaves within their own culture. I feel that we should do things based on how we feel is right and wrong, not listen to rules set by superstitious leaders. How does cultural assimilation and brainwashing differ? It is okay to love your culture but remember that it is how you behave that will be noticed. Language is what we learn so we can express the feelings we acquired based on our genes. For instance, sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong time period, the wrong place, and things like that, yet I know I want to simplify some aspects of life and advance others. Like simplifying music and advancing art.
Here is some of what I believe based on the hard and soft sciences. And there is a reason why I  am the way I am now. It was because I am the kind of bookish person who reads anything that  appeals to me. I am investigative, wanting to know how and why things happen the way they do, and  how they came to be. I have researched constantly over the last years when it seems that a few  years ago I have read things from history and although when I was back in school, the teacher’s  lecture were hard to interpret, but when I learned it kinaesthetically it made a lot more sense.  I also read modern young adult novels, and it helped me learn about teenage gossip that I could  never take part of because of my physical disabilities. I am sort of like Ray Charles, Beethoven  and maybe a famous scientist all in one.
Indeed the way I present my linguistic trends may be  associated with some people in the American English language, and people like me cannot socialize  with the mainstream crowd because of the many reasons I explained above, yet many are quite ignorant and  criticize us because of our lack in partaking of with our peers. However, when we do find a  culture that we feel akin to we automatically open up and start sounding like those who like to  talk, but our atmosphere is a lot different because we are not worried about what we look like to  gain popularity (popular culture).
Ever since the experimentation with technology in the 1950’s to produce electronic tones and  noise after success with recording acoustic sounds on a wax cylinder, vinyl record, , the  cassette, the CD, and now digitally, the same was happening for the instruments known as  synthesisers. Many were terrible at producing the sounds that we dreamed of hearing. We want to  hear that rich dark tones of instruments instead of the bright and harsh sounds we are forced to  hear. And we also like deep resonance that angles out from all sides instead of having it come  from one speaker or through headphones into your ears. The question is why? Why did we have to  experiment with such things? That is the most difficult part to understand. When people rebel against standards they get noticed by society and they draw attention to themselves. People are now trying  to sample out recordings of real instruments and make them sound like the real thing, but it is  not the same thing as really playing the instrument. Now these instincts, tastes and preferences  may be transferred from genes. For example half of my family is Italian. I do not know if that is  associated with their culture but what I learned is that nature (innate) is how and what we feel,  and nurture (learning) is what we think based on what and how we feel. For instance, I was used to eating very slowly, and this can be related to the Itallians because they eat very slowly when they have guests. That is why the majority are thin. They are very big on nativity scenes, and this might explain why music comes naturally to me, even though neither side of my family was musically-inclined. How can genetic markings determine your ancestry? Many scientists argue over  this though. Is there something relating to the tuning standards over time regarding one’s vocal  range?
Eventually as the labeling of composers to artists changed to albums and singles, the music  started getting more popular because of its lack in compositional art. It was like Jazz music  where things were improvised. the so-called Rock-and-roll music did have a style known as the  verse, chorus and bridge. A historian would interpret that as ABA trinary I think is how it is  referred to.
After that the music did not start following sequences because many were singled out over time,  and people started categorising the music based on its rhythm patterns, on its form, and many  other things. As technology advanced from analogue to digital, something known as auto-pitch  correction was experimented with which allowed non-singers to sound like a pro. This of course  gained wide popularity because you could do a lot more experimentation. That is the major factor  that we as humans cannot seem to shake off is how wide we can experiment.
These can get so addicting that it literally wires our brains despite the consequences it will  have on our way of thinking and feeling towards ourselves and others in whatever society we are  in. Is there a way to still appreciate those songs but not have them sound so electronic either  in instrumentation or vocalisation? Some studies show that crimes can be altered by playing  music that would lower down flight-and-flight hormones and stimulate rest-and-repair hormones.  This makes me  wonder, how were crimes committed in the past? Were they more focused instead of random? What  made them happen? Lack of nutrition, drugs?
All of this intrigues me but no one would make the mistake of saying I am omniscient because that  would be impossible.
Recently I was involved in an argument involving rules in Hmong culture. The person in question  is living in Western society, which was taken over by the Europeans hundreds of years ago. It  made me feel that this person was being condemned to their own culture because they had to abide  by the rules set by elders thousands of years ago. I feel they should do what they feel is right  and wrong. Are morals and ethics innate or learned? Again, it is a combination. It should not be  based on culture but based on human self-identified.
I am a believer in naturopathic medicine and in somatics. I learned that counselling is really only half the equation. Somatics is a form of alternative medicine that allows a person to change from being left-brained to being right-brained by applying exercises that involve intuition. It will make one feel less depressed once the neurones start communicating. Here is how I see depression.
The symbol of Depression:
Imagine the thinking area of the brain as a large landscape with several  islands in the middle of an ocean. Across each island lies a bridge so that one may cross the  ocean to get to the other island. The islands represent neurones, and the ocean represent  synapse, or the gap between one neuron to another neuron. The bridge represents the  neurotransmitter. There are different types of bridges. And certain things can flow in certain  directions.
In the case of depression, most of the bridges that allow fast-moving traffic  collapse, leaving the ones which withstand slow-moving traffic remaining. Now traffic has a  limited number of options to get from one island to another. This keeps happening until all but  one bridge collapses, leaving the traffic stranded on certain islands. Now, that one bridge that  did not fall, there is still a bit of traffic going through, but it can get to only one place,  until it starts crowding the other members. This keeps happening until that whole island is  occupied and cannot withstand any more people.
This is how thoughts get crowded into one or few  neurones, when the cell runs out of space, the brain becomes slow-moving and this leads negative  thoughts to travel down the one bridge that did not collapse. Negative thoughts are represented  by traffic with frowns painted on the auto or whatever that was coming through it. The positive  thoughts have smiley faces painted on them. It causes certain depression hormones to be released and This process is known as mental-imaging, a technique psychologists use to help patients recover from major illnesses like cancer. I believe that rest-and-repair hormones are our body’s natural medicine that helps us heal faster and the way we can get that happening is if we were nurtured while we were sick, if we slept more, etc.
There is only so much room for these things to move  around, so we need to build more bridges that collapsed, so that these thoughts can resume  flowing from one island to another island. So, the bridge which stands fast-moving traffic is the  one that supports happy and positive thoughts because things just move so fast. The bridge that  supports slow-moving traffic is the one for negative and more solemn thoughts.
Now here is how I look at genes. I believe that genes are like the blueprints to building a house. When someone follows these  plans step by step, they will have a well-built house. But let us suppose the house needed some  bits and tips to help it adapt to the environment. These changes are added to the plan. Next  thing you know that plan is passed onto the next builder and they too develop that same house but  then they also have to make adaptations to help it survive in that climate. They make these  changes in the plans. Keep this going until you have a combination of plans going. Some people  will choose to build their house out of two plans altogether. But, let us say that something went  wrong. When the house was finished, it had flaws that could not be fixed without tearing the  house down and rebuilding it. But what went wrong? Were the instructions messed up along the way?  Did the plans get wet and somehow we skip something? Or did the builders forget to read something  important? Maybe it was the development of the wood.
And that is how my friends, is how I believe genes work. If someone tells you that your imperfections has unknown origins, it probably means that your body overlooked the directions. I do not think science should give up in finding these. The good news is that we can actually rewrite our genetic coding by a lot of therapy. A recent study showed that if your grandparent was abusive, their hormone levels are going to be written into their genes, some of their muscular memory, their sense of evil altogether. There is a chance that you would get those exact same feelings. Somatics can actually rewire your genetic coding in a way that no one else would.
When we were little, we did not care what our playmates identified with. We did not know if they were coloured, Christian, was scary, fat, or smelled, yet over time we learn it because of the way our society is based. We simply did not know this because we did not know the language, we did not know the  concepts to differentiate, but now we need glasses, deodorant, clothes, medicine, one book, and  specific cultures to identify with. We are all human like other animals, it is that simple,  really. But why has this become a major concern? Because of the European movement and because of  things that increased as things developed over time, like Western civilisation. There were all kinds of revolutions that  took place; some good, some bad, some neutral depending on their intentions. As I said above, we give ourselves these labels and titles so we can group up from the rest of the majority because we face rejection elsewhere. This way we can fight back as one force. Also, what makes blind people feel that they were created to be blind for a reason? I feel that the sighted are taking too much advantage of their vision and I think children need to be taught a lot more sensory experiences so that they could learn how to navigate in a dark house when there is a power outage. What makes a person scared of the dark? Are the feelings innate or learned? Can some people be afraid of the silence? I remember being afraid of certain noises myself, not because they were loud, but because of their sinister sounds. Why, if you close your eyes, the activity in your visual system stops and the activity will take over your temporal lobes. That is why when we kiss and dream we close our eyes. I wonder how people can see in the dark like cats? Sometimes when I move my hand in front of my face I can either feel the heat radiating off my skin or I can become aware of something inside my head moving, but this is just a cognitive response. It allows us to be more intuitive. It is just one more reason to believe that sight and sound is a lot more relevant than what we imagined.
I was recently involved in a discussion about learning disabilities and I was trying to find ways to understand by using science what it is like to constantly face someone correcting your spelling when you can’t help it, or how hard it can be to explain some things. If we know more we can find a cure. Some say that science can only do so much, yet it would not be fair to overwrite a person’s mind with another that was uploaded. I heard somewhere that scientists stimulated the left side of a person’s brain, someone who was terrible at math. After the stimulation things were more clear to them. I personally think this could have good potential in transmitting missing information to the end-user. It could help caregivers and people willing to learn a new sense without undergoing invasive surgery. While we were discussing this, it occurred to me that bragging, boasting and showing off are seen as offensive in our culture, yet I am only being myself and that is what I am trying to get across. I do not believe in accepting reality. I believe in changing it. How can some people be so mature in terms of knowledge and wisdom, and not show off at the same time? I tend to subconsciously flourish my skill sets because I want to show them that I am no different than anyone else and that I want to show them that although I am myself, I feel compassions for those who need it. There may be more reasons for this though, but it is hard for geniuses to deal with.
The concept of how everything derives is interesting. Anthropology is such a broad field that it allows you to know about the whole world. Someone says that I already have one of the skills as someone who writes and documents everything that happened so that I could go back in time in my journal and diary. I was interested in learning about the development of names to living and non-living things, how the common and folk names derived from Latin, Greek and other language-based names. The concept of idea is also fascinating. Ideas are infinite and are based on both language and sensation. Scientists cannot tell you what you are thinking, but they can sense what you are perceiving or doing. Louis Sachar wrote this in his “The Cardturner” novel and I am fascinated by the idea of synchronicity, for I have experienced it a wide number of times. We as humans are able to be fully self-aware and we do not even need to see ourselves to be self-aware. Blind people can feel themselves, they think, therefor they are who they are. We can mix several concepts together to make a whole new concept, like two and two makes four. But that is just a rule that derived like everything else. All of this gets written into our code, the feelings that makes things feel familiar. Sometimes I wonder if there was another system of time that creatures used before the human race evolved.
That brings me to a new topic. I was thinking about combining two different animals of the opposite sex and see what happened. My belief is that creatures evolved when say, for example, humans derived from a combination of apes and monkeys. Kind of like what happens when you combine a horse and a donkey.
A few weeks ago, there was an internet troll who was making rude insults about the blind community, particularly targeting women in the community because of their lack of security. I thought about using hard science to stop the drama instead of the obvious. Why, I heard of people who were proud to be completely left-brain, but that usually means trouble. What I find interesting is how we know how our brains work when we are using our brains to think.
Having said all this, how can we assure our friends that they should be more open-minded and more aware? How can a traumatic event make us act the way we do? Definitions should include more broader terms instead of focused ones. Why do some people feel  like they are being thrust into groups when they do not want to share their stories to strangers? It hurts to say  goodbye to someone that was so close to you. A friend, partner, a trusted one. To go from love to  in love, in love to love, and friends to strangers is painful but what also hurts is not knowing  why. Why was not my friendship acceptable or maybe unable to accept it I do not know. To say  goodbye to someone so close and dear only to have this book placed back on the shelf collecting  dust once again while the market opens up eventually.
One of the things I was made aware is how families and friends differ. People say friends are temporary and families are forever, yet some feel like we did not have a real family. I think friends and families should be both forever, but friendship changes as you get older, as I have said. Every family differs in its unique way. They are more than just people that relate to one another, and again we learn this when we are little. We learn who our family members are and how they are related using language, yet science says that babies recognise their mother’s voices. I wish that there was a simpler way of understanding your harritage using a family tree and using simple concepts until you have a good understanding. However, some families either abuse the person who is different or shelter them. When I meet perfect families I envy them because I feel so akin to them than I do to my own. For instance, I was visiting a musical family and I instantly felt at home. This is because my mother has to constantly take care of my developmentally-delayed older brother and we hardly have time for each other. There is also the fact that we identify in so many different ways. Some people are taught to keep to themselves instead of getting involved in support groups because they do not want to admit that they are different; they just know that they have to do this or that because if they did not they would suffer tremendously.
Enough with the gloomy mood. I hope that those who misunderstand me can realise that I am just like them, that they can forgive me. We all feel the need to be better than other humans, but it is for the way that you provoke one’s thoughts that does it. That is to say, there are many reasons why I am this way while they have very little reasons as to why they are this way. In writing I am able to say so much because of the way I am detached from my family most of the time. I recently got a Mason and Hamlin pump organ, a classic I believe and now I am hoping to find ways to restore them and or find organs that have the features I want. It is sad that very few know how to really restore organs but I am thankful that those who are still around are teaching young enthusiasts like myself how to do it. I have started a radio shoutcast server at I will be airing this upcoming holiday season. In my next post I will talk about my problems with screen readers. You can also check out
I wish you all good happy holidays and until then I will continue my efforts.