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Today, I decided I’d cover a few things since the last time I blogged. I should mention that today is my twentieth birthday, and if I ever wanted to be a teenager once again, I would have to be cloned into the body that is that many years old. This would mean that I would have to celebrate two birthdays. One that would symbolise how old I have been living and acquiring knowledge and wisdom into my inner-being while the other birthday would signify how old my physical being was. For example, I could live up to be eighty-five and reside in the body of a ten-year-old. Of course, this gets a little theoretical, since scientists are trying to prolong life using stem cells. Yesterday was Pi Day, and the getting ready for Saint Patrick’s Day on Monday.

The first thing I wanted to go over are different kinds of human enhancements that are natural and safe to use. For instance, I would like to be able to smell as good as any dog, and to be able to detect changes in human pheromones to know when someone is happy, sad, frightened, angry, etc. I think it would be pretty interesting to use such fine signatures, as most blind people rely on auditory senses to know when someone they know is present. It’d be more funny if you could be in a room, and all of the sudden you recognise someone’s scent and you said, ‘hello’ and the person’s name. They would ask how you knew they were there without having to talk to you first. You would just smile shily and say that you always know when they are there. I heard some people use gait recognition as another way to tell when someone was there. This could be useful if you were next to someone and they were suddenly having an epileptic seizure, you would be able to smell the changes in their chemistry. Speaking of seizures, I learnt there is a way you can chemically or electrically induce one using electroshock.

The next thing I wanted to discuss was ways on how people dealt with stress and what happens to one’s mind at that time. Last Monday, after having talked to my new soul mate from Europe, I started getting overwhelmed with the class I was taking, the things I wanted to do, and still keep everyone happy all at once. I did so much multi-tasking that my brain virtually went into overload and would not process anything else until I had a good sleep and did something to exercise my mind. A good spring-cleaning on my computer and in the house seemed like a good idea, but then I got to thinking about using mind sports and building a reading list so I would have something to read that I have never read yet when I finished with the stuff I was currently doing. I decided that going back in time with my diary would help me as well, since nostalgic moments often make a person feel euphoric.

Should people care too much about what other say? In today’s high standards, thanks to those unscrupulous Europeans who came and messed things up, we now have to lie to protect ourselves and each other, that our feelings become locked up inside us. With writing being the primary standard for communication, lack of emotion is present, and therefore misinterpretations are leading to fights on the internet. Sometimes, even though you know you should not care too much if someone makes assumptions about you, you still care, because it gives you a feeling of being uncomfortable, and more so when those people start spreading rumours about you. This might have been mentioned in an earlier post, but some time has passed, and of course, more experience. For now, that’s all that I have to say, but hopefully when my mind is more cleared I can add to this post.