Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Fainting and How Your Brain Can Frighten You!

Well, I’m glad I found this article, for I’ve been experiencing something which could just be as freaky as what I had just read!
So ever since I could remember, I have always fought off near-fainting by fighting to remain conscious, partly because I have a fear of fainting, not having fainted before. For example, I was donating blood, and during the process I began to feel everything tilt and say, and then a warm feeling crawled up out of nowhere, and I had trouble moving my limbs. I knew I was about to experience fainting, so I alerted the nearest person and they reclined my bed.
Moving forward, I experienced something similar when I was in a hot breakfast room at a hotel. One minute I was sitting there and eating my breakfast, the next minute I felt the same tilt and the same warmth spread over me.
I remember having an experience where I fell asleep after taking melatonin. At least, I thought I had fallen asleep, when in truth I was trying to, for I kept tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable spot. Finally, I felt like I was half awake, and I began to feel a pressure build-up all over my body. The intensity grew until my whole body tingled. I couldn’t move in this state, but then I realised that everything felt lighter, like I was freely floating. I grabbed my phone and told Siri to call Emergency services, but I kept failing to make myself audible to my phone.
I have had some of these things go on within the last few weeks or so.
I recently had one this morning where I was with my mother in our van. I was in the back, behind the driver’s seat, and I was drinking some water out of a bottle. As I kneeled down to toss it, I began to feel the sensation once more. It began the same way it had always been, and I began to feel a sense of weightlessness, followed by a sensation that I was not on the floor, I floated to where my mother was, and despite my hands feeling tingly, I was able to squeeze my mother’s hand to get her attention and call EMS. Then I remember doing this over and over until everything faded. Then I found myself at a hospital, about to have my first CAT or MRI scan. Since, in reality I have never had a tes, my brain invented what the bed and tube would look like.
Anyhow, these are the things I’ve been experiencing. One last thing I forgot to mention: When I took that Melatonin pill, and when I experienced the tingling sensation that had caused me to think I was about to faint, I woke up feeling alert and well-ressted, for just a few hours before I had been trying to get some sleep, so I had awoke feeling tired.
I wonder if this nocturnal syncope would fall under the category of astral projection? I heard that hearing and other senses become heightened, and if you have tinnitus, that sound would be increased.
This will be a bit of a long post, but bear with me… you may have experienced this too! 🙂 …it started when I was 15. It was late in the night, about 4 or 5am. I found myself lying in m…

Source: Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Fainting and How Your Brain Can Frighten You!

One thought on “Sleep Paralysis, Sleep Fainting and How Your Brain Can Frighten You!

  1. BroadBlogs December 16, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    This is really interesting! If anything like this happens to me at least I’ll have some idea what could be going on.


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