Major Accessibility Issues with Blogger

Having Trouble Importing My WordPress Blog

Just today, I decided to set up a blog on Blogger to see if I can get more out of my blogging experience and still maintain the same domain name.

I am not as tech-savvy when it comes to domain registering and stuff like that. I have had to deal with lack of step-by-steps guides and use trial-and-error methods. Many of these instructions I find aren’t as specific as they claim to be. Further more, they are not screen-reader and browser-specific to meet with accessibility standards.

So what Does this Mean?

Right now, the best thing that you can do is go to Sensation Experience which will redirect you to my word press site, which is You will get a notice saying that the site has not been checked for viruses or spam.

Spending lots of time trying to Verify Ownership of Domain

Another problem I ran into today was how bad the instructions were on how to properly verify a domain name. I spent three hours using every method and I finally succeeded in verifying the domain using the DNS records method, but when I try to set a preferred domain, it still says I need to verify. What’s up with that?

Once I get this rolling I’ll find a way to import the XML of my word press account which is already converted to my Blogger account.

I can’t believe Google has hidden the import and export buttons so well. Not even using the find feature with my screen reader yield any results. I am thinking that Word Press is more user and screen reader-friendly than Google.