From Transgender to Transhuman

In this post, I will be using terms that will be as broad as possible to include everybody, even if they do not identify within that given category, for instance, MTF and FTM. Also, I am not trying to make you think that my way is the best and only way. There are possibly better and safer ways than the one I am going to describe to you. 
I spend a lot of my time researching naturopathic alternatives to allopathic (conventional) medicine. Of course allopaths and non-allopaths try to outdo one another on the treatments that they think work best, but as we all know, the pharmaceutical industry is primarily interested in making better profits and improving functionality. As naturopaths, osteopaths, and chiropractors, we believe that the person is a lot more important than the drugs. We try to have a more holistic approach to finding the patient’s needs and wants. We also have naturopathic psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, etc that work along the same lines as allopaths, but they are more open-minded. Of course, there may be overlaps, but allopaths have set up strict rules for transpeople to complete their transition. That’s why there are some people who choose to modify certain parts of their characteristics while leaving others intact. For example, a transwoman may not necessarily feel that giving birth is important, or having PMS for that matter. They are just happy with their body shape. For others, however, it certainly makes a difference. I asked myself, why. I’ve been looking for ways for cisgender women to be more immune to cramps and morning sickness by using the proper hormones and nutrients to balance the systems in the body. A simple and natural analgesic like oxytocin can help relieve the cramping caused by the uterus during menarche, just like during labour. Our Western diet consists of foods that are filled with poison, because a lot of what we eat affects our babies as well, which then becomes a matter of epigenetics. This simply means above genetics. For those of you who aren’t familiar with genetics in general, think about the following concept. What we eat, that is to say, the animal meat we consume also has DNA and proteins, which gets in the way of ours. This could have impact on future gametes (a fertilised egg). Every human is equipped with a book of life, which contains two parts, each with twenty-three chapters. Each chapter contains a lot of stories. This illustrates the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, one from each biological parent. However, not all the stories are being read in order. If they were, we would be a mess because not only would we be extremely healthy, but we would also be prone to contracting every virus and bacteria that was out there. Now, when we eat certain foods, we change the layout or structure of these stories in random chapters, which we call epigenetics. According to, the most ideal approach would be to optimise the stories of bliss (the good and healthy genes) and minimise the tragic (unhealthy) genes to treat chronic illnesses.
I’d like to discuss some methods that researchers are working on, one of which you can read more at the following URL: First of all, let’s talk about whether or not one is ready to transition. For several decades, the only way we could know for sure if someone really wanted to transition was if we got proof from a therapist. As a transhumanist (someone who supports the movement of human enhancement), I believe there is a better, more efficient manner to figure this out. By using things people have implored in science fiction, we can make this science fact. It’s called, augmented reality, which is similar to the Voik Kampff Empathy Test invented by Philip K. Dick. This uses not only psychological diagnoses, but also measures a person’s neuroendocrine system as they manipulate the images and language concepts, which would evoke various emotional responses. The neuroendocrine system refers to the array of hormones and neurotransmitters which are specifically devoted to the development of one’s personality, such as emotion and intellect. We can also use oneirology (study of dreams) to work out a simulation of a person living in the body of the opposite sex while they were sleeping. This type of dream-state would be used to tell us how good their problem-solving skills were by analysing what they did in that dream. I believe that these practices would ensure a better chance that a person would not regret their transition, and that this could replace the need for a lengthy real-life test.
Now, onto the methods researchers are using to improve sex reassignment therapy. For many years, people, mostly allopaths, have been working on regenerating parts of existing tissue, or using tissue from embryos which has become controversial. What has also become more controversial is modifying the genes of each cell, but without this modification, the cell would not be able to divide into the desired shape (mitosis). With current understanding and technology, we can take a patient’s tissue during a biopsy (for males, a small penile, scrotal, testicular, or prostate sample), using those cells, and look at the chromosomes. If you remember from your biology class, each cell in the human body is equipped with forty-six chromosomes—a pair of twenty-three from one of the parents, and another pair of twenty-three from the other parent. Biological females generally have XX-chromosomes while biological males generally have XY-chromosomes (named so because of the Y-shape), though some people may have an extra in some intersexed conditions. First comes the cell, then the organelle, the organ, the organ system, and finally, the organism. There are a lot of organ systems in the body, such as the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, digestive, and endocrine system. All of these systems communicate with one another and work together to keep the organism living. This is done by all the thousands of genes that instruct the cells that die and divide to carry out these instructions. When we have a person who wants to change sexes, we can artificially introduce hormones to bring out secondary sex characteristics (males would have hair growth, deepening of the voice, more muscle development, etc). As a naturopath, we try to look at ways to get the body to produce its own set of hormones by using supplements.
One interesting phenomenon I recently came across in a speculative science novel was how chromosomes could be manipulated. It made me wonder if an X-chromosome was made up of two Y-chromosomes that have been fused together. Think about this for a minute. If you draw a Y, which would look like a line with two points on one end, and then the Y started growing until two more points came out of the other end of the line. The result that would look like this: four points with a line running through the middle. Now, what if we made this line smaller and smaller until all four points met. It would look like an X-chromosome. The question is, would it be as functional as the one that formed naturally? Would it be possible to take one of the X-chromosomes and make one pair of the two points to shrink and a line to grow in its place until it looked like a Y? All of this could be done with nanotechnology, and it would be a lot more difficult. Still, we should not give up hope.
Many researchers believe that if we could snip out a tiny bit of tissue from either sex party, we could find some way to change one of the sex chromosomes, and hope that those cells can divide into the new shape specified by the alleles that were changed. You must also remember that it will be nearly impossible to change every single sex chromosome in the human body, so researchers would have to come up with a virus or use nanobots, which I will discuss below, to change everything in the body. If not, researchers hope to use a 3-D printer and or a special mould for the cell to grow in. It is very hard to grow blood vessels right now because those vessels would need to be grown into the right shape and put in the right place at the time of insertion.

Researchers have had success with regenerating phalluses from rabbits, and the results were that they could use the new penis to reproduce. This brings hope to injured veterans and trans-identified males. As a quick note: We as naturopaths believe that many surgeries are unnecessary, and are instead used to rip you off. That’s why I believe that having SRS with an artificial organ is simply for cosmetic reasons, but it will hold no true function whatsoever. According to, not only could researchers grow vaginas, but they could also grow noses as well. This could be useful to just replace a new nose instead of spending a lot of effort to reduse a long nose.
In reference to the post on Advocate, scientists have located a gene that could have a potential to changing the target cells. In order for adult males to maintain their sex characteristics, a gene called DMRT1 is responsible to oversee the division of said cells. If this gene is removed or replaced with a female gene, the male cells would start dying out and they would be replaced by female ones. The same concept applies to females. If the Foxl2 gene is removed or replaced with the male gene, it would cause the female cells to change to male ones. This seems to affect the gonads such as the testes and ovaries, making it so that a person could stop taking hormones artificially. This breakthrough was definitely surprising, for many in the scientific community assumed that once two chromosomes were paired, that was it. This is no longer the case from what new research shows. Unfortunately, these genetically-modified cells won’t be able to produce egg or sperm. More research is needed. This will also give us a chance to know how animals and other species get their cability to change sexes.
Now, the other kind of study, which won’t be available until 2030 or so, would involve scientists who will be working on a new line of practice called nanoscience–nano meaning below the microscale and above the atomic scale. It is hoped that one day, we can inject these tiny little machines called nanobots or nanosubmarines into humans and use them to manipulate the person into just about anything you could imagine that you could do in this universe, such as microsurgeries. It could be possible to shrink bones to make a person smaller for people who wanted to be shorter, or make them grow for people who wanted to be taller. All of these decisions have to be made by the person alone, as it is no one else’s decision but theirs.
For MTF’s looking to augment their breasts or reduce fat without surgery such as liposuction and breast augmentation, several new lines of practices have broken through. The breast-augmentation procedure is actually not new, although the technology to use it is. This type of engineering is known as tissue expansion. According to, the Brava system allows one to expand their breasts, which would signal for further mitotic growth. This could be useful in areas of restorative surgery, such as creating folds for the female genitals. As for fat and cellulite reduction, cool-sculpting (cryolipolysis) was recently introduce. It works by using controlled-cooling and a suction cup to freeze fat cells underneath the skin. Those frozen fat cells would die out and be converted to waste that the body would excrete over a period of time.
Finally, cryogenics, which is to say, freezing the body in extremely cold temperatures for preservation). If for some reason you end up dying and current technology cannot save you, you could be frozen until your entire metabolism stopped without your body decomposing. I encourage you to look at Alcor Life Extensions for further detail. Suffice it to say that as naturopaths, we think that brain transplants are a bit too extreme. If a person was in a terrible car accident or if they had terminal illness, the day would come when we would find the proper balance to increase growth factors to keep cells from dying due to lack of nutrients and or from being taken over by infected ones, like cancer. That’s why studying the evolution and the derivatives of infectious diseases are important. Some day, it would be possible to put humans into hibernation as well. Then of course, there is the possibility of cloning to start fresh.
One thing that disappoints me as a naturopathic advocate is that they don’t do as much research as conventional researchers do. I think that if we could be more flexible, we could change the world for the better. I hope you have found this post useful, and as always, comments are welcome.

My newly-found phreaking Abilities

Ever since I was about seven or eight years old, I learnt how to distinguish the sound of each note, hence how I developed my absolute pitch. However, I discovered that I could apply this perfect pitch to not just music, but also things like using the telephone, recognise certain textures of sound when I dial the telephone, and knew when I was calling a fax machine or dialup system. At the time, I knew that these were tones that a person could associate with these things. When I started getting more technical in later years, I learned that computers used tones in various forms of sine wave frequencies to communicate to each other mathematically across long distances. These tones also included different types of noise as well. That brings me to something I just discovered. Up to this point, I did not know that the emergency alert systems found on television and radio used tones to send encoded messages across the network, yet when I heard the tones I associated them with an emergency message. I did a bit of research and learnt that the series of tones I was hearing was called the specific area of message encoding, or SAME.

As blind people, we tend to be more aware of our surroundings, with our third or mind’s eye. We are able to see and hear beyond, like in ‘The Giver’. This doesn’t mean that we cannot see and or hear physically, but it just means we are able to view the world differently. I have been able to recognise speech synthesisers that you would normally find in screen readers on places like the public city bus, in movies, the ATM, and other keosks. Of course, this doesn’t mean that blind people are the only ones who know about it, for certainly there must be a number of sighted people who know about these things, only they are not visible to the general public. I know a number of amateur radio operators, and as mentioned in my post, blind people seem to develop their own culture that is devoted to the mannerism associated with radio communications. This leaves outsiders who cannot conform to the culture to be overwhelmed because we cannot understand their close-mindedness.

I looked into the phantom flute phenomenon, where if you play two flutes in the high ranges, you will often hear a third flute that is not present. This is due to the resultant (sum of two frequencies or difference of two frequencies) that I was picking up. As a prospective piano tuner, I had to know what these were and how they would get in the way when I was tuning really high strings. The same applies for dual-tone multi-frequency or DTMF tones. When you dial a number or letter, two given frequencies that are predetermine create a unique texture that allows a person to know what is being dialed. In FBI and other forms of criminal investigation, people like us can listen to numbers being dialed so we can track the numbers of the party the caller is calling. This same thing goes for people who are incapable of measuring heart and breathing rate, save for the equipment they need.

When I learned how to differentiate beatings, i also learnt how to calculate frequencies that humans cannot hear based on how they feel. I could mention in a job interview that I can calculate a person’s heart rate, or a tremor based on my knowledge and muscle memory. I can calculate how fast a fly’s wing is buzzing while scientists had to use expensive equipment to do that. It’s a shame, because they could have matched the tones using a free programme like audacity and the recording of the insect’s wings.

When I was making these discoveries, I knew I wanted to try out a facsimile machine, and use dialup, despite the fact that people said those things were going out of date and that dialup was slow. It wasn’t because of the obvious that I wanted to use these systems, but it was because i was fascinated by the sounds it made when it communicated across the telephone line. I was wondering if some day in the future transhumans will be able to decode messages like morse code used in amateur radio in a natural sense, without using implanted devices. I got inspired by this idea when someone told me that scientists would be able to upload brain waves that escaped from your ears into a database. They would burn those brain waves onto a CD, which holds some form of music. Let’s say you are dancing. They would be able to record how your brain behaves when you dance. If they could copy that into a computer and replay it back in a room full of people, then everyone would start dancing because their brains would be decoding the brain waves.

So, I have met other blind people who shared this same passion of mine and we believe that if more people were interested in a certain way, not to the point where we know all about it, but to a certain extent, we could change the world in getting more people to pay attention more closely. What do you all think? I think we can learn how to be more aware of our surroundings if we just stop going into our iWorld environment and get out into the real world, because the iWorld is for people who are close-minded and selfish and the real world is for people who really care. We need to keep onto empathy and compassion.

Regulating Nocturnal emissions for the Transgendered

You know the day when you learn about sex at your middle, junior-high, high school, and sometimes primary school? They cover a lot of concepts such as wet dreams, masturbation, etc. There is one thing they do not cover, and that is, how this applies to LGBTQIA people. I am here to provide you with some interesting insight on what could hopefully be useful to you.
So, let us begin. What is a wet dream? A wet dream is a biological function found in all mammals. It occurs in the rapid-eye-movement of sleep and behaves the same way as any normal dream. Our bodies sex mechanism is active during this dream caused by testosterone, the hormone responsible for libido. This gets triggered by ideas, images, sounds, smells, touch, and internal sensations. As you know, males have higher testosterone than females, which their primary hormone is oestrogen. We call this stage Nocturnal emission because it happens when you are sleeping, and your brain is working your body, which is locked in place so you do not act out your dream. Some sexomnia disorders do exist.
Now that you have a general understanding of what a wet dream is and how it works, let us look at how this can apply to people who are in the GLBTQIA community. One thing to keep in mind is that people who are attracted to, or who are not attracted to the same sex, both sexes, or neither is the key to knowing what kind of dreams they will have.
Let me explain what happens in both sexes. In males, the penis enlarges, hardens and becomes erect. Males experience a sensation of heat surging through that area only. Females, on the other hand, experience a totally different sensation. It begins with a slight feeling as if an electric shoc was running through their body, followed by this sensation that they want to cuddle their mate. As this intensifies, the entire body becomes heated. You can see that in these last two events, both heat up, except that in males, only the penis is heated while in the female everything is heated, and breast soreness and or burning may be felt, sometimes accompanied with hot flushes depending on age. Also, since male neurochemistry is set to plant the seed only, they tend to soly focus on that task while female neurochemistry is set to finding the best-fitting mate and therefore are better at selecting them.
For the transgendered, this can be quite embarrassing when a male-to-female wakes up to find evidence of their dream and they wish to find a way to reverse those dreams so that it would go in the opposite direction. How do we achieve this task for the transgender males and females?
1. Be aware of who you like and why.
2. Start noticing how your body responds to when you are attracted to that person. and how your mind responds to that as well.
3. If possible, try to get away from an activity so you can let your mind become more attuned to your body. We call this process somatics.
4. Think about how you would dream about this person, and how it would feel and why you feel this way.
If you keep doing this your brain’s neurochemistry should change gradually, and soon your wet dreams should change. For the male-to-females, their wet dreams will disappear and since we still do not have a way of making a fully-functioning female reproductive system (but which we are working on), all they will get is the surge of oxytocin, the neurotransmitter responsible for maternal love.
For the female-to-males, they will have to experience what it is like to only feel one part of their body get heated and the rest tense.
We hope that with the advancing transhuman technology we will be able to better transmit the sensations and arousals of the opposite sex and gender. In the meantime, keep practicing these simple exercises and you would have slowly rewired your brain.

Year-End Summary

Hello, everyone. Since I started last Month I decided to wrap up this quarter with a few things I have covered last week, possibly include resources, cover new information, etc. There may not be any posts until next year. If there are posts, they will be most likely videos, photos, links, etc. I will also consider upgrading to turn this into an actual website, so anyone wishing to help out, I’d really appreciate that.
Let’s begin with what I have been focusing on for the last month and a half. My posts mainly focused on self-identity, intervention, conflicts, solutions, acceptance, future outlook, etc. But I know there is a lot more to cover over a life time. I can’t cover every field of life to study. It’s like organising otree’s branches from bottom to top. That would take forever. So I usually try to find the main areas that get my interest the most and use that to expand my knowledge and cover a little of everything.
so, let’s go over some things that I thought I’d cover this week. While many people, regardless of where and who they are in this world, everyone is going to have two or more sides. Usually this can be seen as a political spectrum. Life is like one big number line. People tend to fall within extreme categories in whatever it is that is being discussed. Like when we talk about the causes of sexual orientation, one person may say, it’s biologically influenced. Another person would argue that and would say, no, it’s induced and it gets wired into their brain like nueorplasticity. Another person may say it’s both, or another person would say it is neither and would ignore it and move on. So I’m one of those persons who wants to take two sides and find a workaround to reconcile the two opinions and move on.
Many people born with a disability choose not to pursue drastic measures to recover them because their disability not only affects a person’s soma, but their psyche as well. So, I have made it an insentive for a person to consider joining H+ and contributing to research about what it is like to acquire the new ability for the first time in a long time. Plus they would have to be willing to have self-discipline and the willing to put up with rehabilitation to pull through. It is many of these traits people lack, that and their religious supersticions that make them not want to pursue such measures. And there it is again. Why can we not find a way to come to an agreement? What if we found a way to simulate or give them the sensations, the memories of what it is like to do this and that, without having to perform surgery? We would have to use mind-uploading technology in order for that to be successful.
I’ve been researching on hearing, both acoustic and synthetic-wise and what I learned was quite surprising. Many blind hearing-impaired people have no problem tracking directions in modern audio games when playing with earbuds, but when it comes to real life and they are wearing simple digital aids, they can’t determine traffic, a very important barrier to be able to overcome in order to gain access to the world. More research is being done to see how microphones pick up sound, how the noise is processed, etc. This is really advanced for me to go into, but it gave me something to look into. Many of the organisations are focusing more on blindness or deafness as if they were separate, not as if they were combined like the Hellen Keller National Institute. And speaking about Hellen Keller, I was thinking about deaf-blind people before her, people who could have been famous but weren’t because they lacked the courage and or attention and motivation they needed to pull through to the end. Sure, people like Homer were respected in ancient cultures, but they weren’t famous. So it makes it sound like Hellen was the only famous deaf-blind person in the world. People like her were thought to be the cause of the devil and were shunned and or thrown away for experimentation. I have never been attracted to any blindness organisation because they are too professional and hardly take the opportunity to help those in need.
Let me go over cellular memory, for I have been meaning to do so. Basically, there hasn’t been any serious study to figure out whether or not recipients resemble their donors after receiving a heart transplant, for that is usually what happens. My unproven theory is that since major organs are hooked to the peripheral nervous system, there is a way for stray neurones from the brain to work their way into the organ. When that organ is transplanted, those old neurones would be distributed in the new nervous system and the brain would interpret them. It is like taking a memory card from one device to another. I was wondering if these types of memories were more to do with passion and desire, more long-term things, rather than simple, short-term ones. And finally, is intelligence and gender linked? Is knowledge innate? I have read a few books about people with supernatural intelligent brains.
Having an unexplained amount of high intelligence  may result in isolation from other pupils because of their consistency  in correcting others, even if it is not their fault.
It has yet to be  understood how paranormal or supernatural things can be when one can  pick up a piece of paper and decipher the shapes into a set of words.  This is now under investigation because we would like to understand the  genetics involved in this task and what genes are affected and what  parts of the brain are changed, as well as the socialism the person  would be exposed to.
In our society, we classify persons based on  intelligence level, but that is just because we lack an understanding on  their brain power.
As well as focusing on the scientific aspect of this  study, psychological testing is also critical for us to understand the  factors that made this difference and how it will affect them later in  life. A gene is simply a set of instructions given to tell the organelles to follow these rules. When a mutation occurs, usually by internal or external factors, that instruction is ignored or mixed with another and the string continues, leaving a mutated organelle in place. There are names for these, many of which I refrain from using, mainly because I dont’ know them, but also because I don’t want to bore the reader with the scientific jargon without first first understanding it. These genes simply tell the brain how fast neurones should communicate, how long these cells can last, how much hormones to produce, what kinds of hormones, how much blood flow should each side get, and much more to fit in here. Usually a person with such intelligence has a major area of focus that interests them, and naturally, they also lack certain maturities in certain areas.
Maybe I can use those simulators to  simulate high intelligence and low intelligence, fast processing and low  processing, and the storing of memories is also important. Holding onto  memories is easy for some, hard for others. We would like to figure out  how this works in greater detail.
Let us begin with the learning and  capacities. Let us talk about how the brain works. The majority of  people think of our brain as a computer that manages our body both  voluntary and involuntary. We can think about it, or we need not think  about it at all. In the classical organisation of the brain, it is known  as a sensory machine, although modern science is finding it to be called  a task machine because one sence can activate multiple areas of the  brain.
Having said that, let us talk about capacity. In the way we learn  the most basic thing their is to learn, life’s most important or least  important lessons to the most abstract thought of art, learning is very  important in one’s child development. What I am looking into is the  storing of these memories. Is it possible that neurones and  neurotransmitters cary memory in the brain? And yet, science still finds  the brain to be a big mystery, but we are slowly solving it every day.  If we know how memories are stored, then we can learn about how  sometimes, when you least expect it, those cells stored with memories  can be distributed amongst your body’s systems. This might explain the  concept of cellular memory.
Now, let us discuss processing. How long does  it take for bits of these memories to combine together to produce a new  memory? Solving easy or hard math problems, using logic, spelling words,  syntax, diction, etc etc. The time it takes for the process to begin and  for it to end may vary on brain wave speed. I am hoping to do some  studying on how fast neuron cells travel within the brain to see if we  can find ways to speed these up, or slow them down.
Next, we will discuss  genes. We all know that things can be passed on and on. The question is,  what can be passed on and on, and how is this so? What areas of the body  are changed when a gene is modified? We might be able to produce  intelligent people in our society and have them replace those of lower  intelligence.
Finally, how does this affect one’s social construction,  behaviour, and motivation? Will it give them sensational perception,  such as perfect pitch, the ability to know how much one is turning, etc?  What will be the future of this person? Would we disrupt society if we used H+ technology if we genetically-engineered people to all have easy-going personalities and open minds? Maybe balance out the selfishness in the world and introduce new humans with selfless personalities? Problem is that most people do things without looking into the future to see how things would turn out. Our country was founded before people determined how it would turn out in the end. We started this country in debt, and it is not likely that we would ever get out of it. People are closed-minded especially here in our Western world, which is why we have many conflicts. What if we could raise awareness about being more open-minded?
Although this is all referred to the psychology of not just the fact of  what we are, but what we do, the actual anatomical, physiological, and  biological characteristics may play a role in the reconstruction of  gender-building. However, nature only provides us with two reproductive  structures with the exception of intersex, males and females. People can choose to look androgynus, and this should not be confused with any of the other identities, for it has its own set of rules. Thanks to modern science and technology, we are learning how to rebuild  these structures to fit the personality of the new gender  reconstruction. However, there are still some things to consider, genes,  cosmetology, etc. The lengthening and shortening of different bodily  parts will also have to be altered, which is no easy matter. However,  some people are fine with how they appear, but do not desire to pursue  such high levels of manipulation. Sometimes it just depends on luck and  flaws.
Recent research has shown that when in a calm environment, men and women are not from different planets. Both have alike personalities. The only reason why they act different at times is due to the conforming with their fellow members when outside of the relationship, and partly due to attractions. This is why we have the term “cheating” when describing a partner seeing another fellow without them knowing about it. Things like that should not be taken too hard. If same-sex marriage became too much of an issue, what about looking into same-gender marriage, but different sex marriage? What about cross-gendered relationships, would those work? I find this very interesting.
Now, another study I want to conduct is how either sex change or  gender change affects the development of one’s basic learning. You see,  according to popular belief, it is said that one group tend to learn  faster at an early age. Certainly there must be a reason as to why this  is so. Is it because of some anatomical difference in the brain, or is  it through some other factor that is not related to anatomy and  physiology? I would like to learn all of this history and how it  evolved.
The next thing I would like to consider is curvature in the  body. We all know that we like to show off certain areas of our body to  others so as to attract appearance. Suppose one lacked this? It should  not matter. We should primarily consider the person’s personality  and  then use that personality to create the image of the person, regardless  of any body deformity or difference. We can focus on the person’s  appearance as a secondary rather than a primary. Some of these things you may find answers to by reading the previous post, but I outlined them again to give the reader a reminder. Sometimes you may find repetitive sentences or passages. It is like in a piece of music, the chorus or refrain repeats to refresh the reader’s mind.
Thank you for taking part in our work. My hope is that some day we will be able to change the world for the better. We will be able to do everything George Carlin thought we would never do. He accused us of wanting to save our planet just for ourselves and a place to live in, and that we want to save animals for ourselves only. He may have been too harsh, but I do agree with some, if not most of what he says. I hope we will find a way to think outside the box and stillwork for each other, not on each other. People are already finding ways to make meat out of animals without killing them using stem cells. This is good news for vegetarians. I am going to close this post with one final suggestion.
Here are some laws that I thought of proposing for H-plus to follow and to make sure  we are within human rights. These laws would govern H +, just like the laws of robotics would.
All practices involved must follow all moral and ethical guidelines and  must not be inhuman. Example: Cloning humans for benefitial purposes.
Humans should not at any time force another human to undergo a practice  without full explanation of whatever that would be. Instead, they can  persuade and convince other humans to educate them based on the first  law.
All practices must have been approved by governments around the world,  after experimentation with non-human species has shown promise. Clinical  trials can ensure that another human would risk their life to the  practice in hope of enhancing their experience.
Since humans are believed to have the highest conscience above all other  animals on Earth, we must think of ourselves as humans, as if we were  working for each other, not on ourselves. This includes, obsession with  practices, selfishness, selflessness, and respect.
Finally, all laws provided by nature must be obeyed to support the above  laws.
Variations: This last law may be something that may vary depending on  many factors.
All practices involving artificial and or synthetic substances are  strongly discouraged. Instead, we recommend finding natural and  renewable resources to improve another human’s integrity. This includes,  using technology as an expanssion, not as part of the human body.
At this time H+ should consider establishing branches of religions and  supersticions that would enhance their practices more efficiently.  Humans should not exaggerate or fall under any popular science fiction  belief, or that boredom should be avoided. In a 1964 prediction about 2014, humans would become bored because machines would be taking over. We would miss the sounds of nature we would only get to hear when out in the open.
Remember: Everything posted always has exceptions, anybody can contradict them, I may forget something, and everything I said is to the best of my educated knowledge.